Refund policy

Event Cancellation and Refund of Tickets

a) If Events are cancelled and not rescheduled, we will remove the Events from our Platforms and any listings related to the Events (i.e. advertisements, posters, shout-outs etc.). You will be eligible for refund of your tickets only upon the occurrence of the below stated Refund Entitled Events if you have successfully made payments for tickets. You are required to strictly follow all instructions posted by Hunnie Madu for the refund of your tickets. Hunnie Madu reserves the right to refuse refunds or only issue partial refunds in the event that you do not comply to our instructions. Refund Entitled Events i) Cancelled Events due to Event organizers, local authority, or government direction. ii) Relocated venue of Events. iii) Rescheduled Events to a different date.

b) For the avoidance of doubt, Hunnie Madu will not refund any tickets due to personal inconvenience or change in your personal circumstances.

Resale of Tickets

a) You are expressly prohibited from any form of resale of the tickets purchased through the Services. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this clause, the resold ticket may be invalidated. Hunnie Madu will take reasonable steps to notify you of Hunnie Madu’s intention to cancel the ticket or render it invalid within a reasonable time before cancelling it or rendering it invalid.

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